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Not everyone should go to college essay

Should everyone go to college? A lot of K school reform is predicated on that notion, but here's a counter view.

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Yes, there is but it is hardly a glowing picture. The slow demise of vocational education in the past three decades and gradual growth of career and technical education CTE and cooperative programs between area community colleges and high schools—see above—is a back-story that needs telling for two reasons.

First, there is persuasive evidence that CTE is effective for youth from minority and poor backgrounds and those effects last well into young adulthood. Second, the truth that not all students want four more years of academic work after getting their diploma seldom merits mention by the current crop of school reformers.

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Moreover, larger percentages of Career Academy graduates were living independently with a partner or spouse and children than non-Academy graduates. Truth-telling might sway policymakers and parents to consider alternative pathways that include CTE and joint programs with community colleges. Truth-telling might inform parents that millions of jobs created by will not require a four-year degree. Truth-telling might reveal that of all high schools in the U.

Of course, parents want their children to dream big and excel — become doctors or lawyers perhaps and become successful as they become full-grown adults.

Should Everyone Go To College? Essay Sample

However, the choice of going to college or not solely remains on the student himself. Following this option, the incoming college student gets to select a major in which he can focus his studies on. But since not all can afford a college education, they must have other alternatives as taking tom ford research paper courses which must be taught as early as high-school. Thus the American system must see to it that such vocational occupations as electricians, mechanics, plumbers, carpenters, machinery operators, landscapers and the like must be offered.

Why everyone shouldn’t go to college

Finally, the American high school system should be likened to that should Europe particularly in Germany and France where high school students can choose whether to attend college or a vocational school. In this manner, what the student may learn from the vocational school will not rely solely on mastering skills dissertation title page ntu grasping the theories why such skills are performed in such essay as well.

Theories increase the probability of improving performance with the background of the student on the chosen vocation. In this light, the high school graduate will be not equipped and prepared to his future career whether as a college or vocational graduate. What should be taken into account in traveling is not the distance and time of the place visited but the amount of exposure one gets from the everyone experiences, places, cultures and people met along the way.

Not Everyone Should Go to College

One should accept that we live distinct lives and whatever the uniqueness others have in terms of traits, values and expectations, we must respect them and not immediately jump to conclusions or criticize them if we consider their behavior unbecoming. Many use what we offer to get better jobs and support themselves and their families.

Many others transfer onward, eventually -- we hope -- also finding opportunities they otherwise would not have found. The point is that genuinely open-door institutions -- which includes, but goes well beyond, just having an open admissions policy -- compensate for an epistemological blind spot.

Now we know better, at least consciously.

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It only shows itself in the performance. Regular readers know that I have my fair share of critiques of current practices in public higher ed. To the extent that our institutional habits and dogma defeat that mission, then we need to change; no argument there. No, not everyone should go to college. Given real options, people will find the pregnant mother essay that are right for them.

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What School Reform Brought to Austin. The real rigor comes in creating, sustaining, and improving an audaciously egalitarian institution in a political culture in which the winds blow cold. If that means jumping directly into starting a business right out of high school, go for it.

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Open the door and let people in. Some are academically preparing themselves by attending Advanced Placement AP classes while others write letters of intent and ask for recommendations from faculty or administrators. The actual position that many statistics homework problem solver us in public higher education hold is much more nuanced than that.

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We just argue that everyone should have the option. Sole dependence on teachers should be avoided. So are there alternative routes for secondary school students to take besides going directly into higher education?