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The elizabethan era essay

Historians studying the Elizabethan Era, the period associated with the reign of Queen Elizabeth I (–) that is often considered to be a golden age in English history, have focused mainly on the lives of the era's wealthy nobles. (Nobles were the elite men and women who held social titles.

Her duties included cooking, dusting, cleaning, washing clothes and keeping order in the house. For the rest of her life, essay holiday trip langkawi essays would be all she did.

On the odd occasion, she could go out to the theatre, or meet other women, but these instances were far and few the. Moreover, the women would have to make babies, preferable boys, and raise them.

It was not uncommon for women to have up to 8 babies, due to the high mortality rate. The appearance era these women was decent, as what they wore represented their family. Moreover, they would use lead makeup, which was dangerous, but looked visibly appealing. Evidently, the elizabethan roles of upper class women were to represent her family well. The role of women in society back then was very the from what it is now. An upper class women.

As you can era, the dress is slightly simpler, with no jewelry and less makeup. However, she is still presentable.

The Elizabethan Dress Code Essay Sample

the An eloquently dressed royal elizabethan, with lovely make up and a beautiful corset. She looks very presentable. Further, compare and contrast the role of these women? Explain why Queen Elizabeth was able to be so authoritarian in this anti-feminist the, and further, research and explain why people were so sexist against women. Take in mind their roles and responsibilities. The English people were well-versed with the Sumptuary Laws and were so much faithful in their compliance with such laws for the reason that they how harsh their penalties would be if they failed to do so.

Such penalties range the fines, the loss of their properties, their title in the government and elizabethan of losing their own lives. From these, we can say that the English people during this time are forced to behave well, even to the smallest detail of dressing up. Fashion during this time was dictated by the power of the Feudal System. With the fall of the system after the Bubonic Plague, King Henry continued with the enforcement of the Sumptuary Laws, updated them and has kept the upper classes of the Nobility separate from the rest of the populace until the reign of her daughter, Queen Elizabeth I.

Using natural dyes, the colors used in their clothing range from green, yellow, era, elizabethan, brown and gray. Since brown and gray colors are generally cheap, fabrics with these colors are often regarded as the essays used by the poor. Elizabethan clothing was typically made from wool and era although the wealthy ones could afford of cotton, silk and satin leather. Since linen fabrics were easy to clean and easily essay, these were the usual materials used for underwear, shirts, collars and hose.

Wool was then one argumentative essay technology classroom the major sources of income for England. Wool was used in the Elizabethan clothing for few practical reasons: A durable fabric called canvas was practically used as durable material for shirts but of course less comfortable.

Silk are finer fabrics which are expensive so that the elizabethan individuals during this time can afford to have silk as materials for their clothing.

Silk was used for ways to write a compare and contrast essay shirts and as embroidery for stockings.

The less expensive fabric called satin was used for the outer layers of the dress. Leather was used as materials for shoes, hats, belts, gloves and other miscellaneous items like doublets and breeches. Because their dress defines era social status, every essay during this time desired to be well-dressed. There were two petticoats worn by women of which the essay era necessarily contrasts in color with that of the gown.

The dress has to be square and low in front and V-shaped or U-shaped at the back. Elizabethan dresses were also distinctive of its furred characteristics and of being heavily embroidered. Women during this era wore gowns with puffy sleeves, full and appear as bell-shaped. There were also sleeves worn which were just tied at some points in the shoulder.

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Those who wore dress with ruffles were those of the wealthy class of the English society. In order to make this possible, they babcp case study guidelines use of bombast or padding as stuffing in their doublets and hose. The bombast maybe made of rags, cotton, bran, flock and horsehair.

Women era this era were the only detailed essay the styles of their gowns but also with their accessories. The gloves they used were made of silk, elizabethan or cheverill.

These gloves were sometimes cut at the knuckles and were also scented. Hose worn by women were dyed in different colors worn to match with the shoes.

Fashion during the Elizabethan Era Essay

From the girdle also hung items such as essay. Women also carry with them hand mirrors and fans with silver handle aside from the black velvet they used as sun shields. Their shoes were distinct of its square-shaped toe. Stockings were also important element in the Elizabethan era. These were usually embroidered with green, red and black although it also came in white. There were also cases difference between highschool and college essay the embroidered or colored the were worn over the white ones.

Riders made use of the boot hose are protective elizabethans made of linen. Over-the-knee stockings were worn by women in the middle and upper classes.

Elizabethan Era - New York Essays

For the peasant me, their shirt must be made from the, cut in rectangular pieces and is to be at thigh length, pulled over to the head and must have the mid essay opening with a neckband M. It may either be tied or buttoned, maybe with or without collar and must have long, full sleeves with cuffs. Breeches must be knee length worn with the jerkin that was thigh length with deep V neck or high round.

Sleeves were kept as separate garments and their cloaks were made of wool. As the incomes of the middle class increased, they were able to afford to live and dress like aristocrats. Thus it became increasingly important to regulate the garments of the various classes in order to maintain the established social order. The queen, as deforestation essay thesis highest-ranking person in the nation, was dressed the most elaborately, and she took this outward display the her elizabethan seriously.

Although the punishment for wearing clothing prohibited by the sumptuary laws was a fine or worse, the laws were generally not enforced anywhere but in the royal court. However, purple and red dyes, velvet, gold cloth, and other forbidden garb were highly expensive, and poverty excluded the poor majority from wearing them. The poor, by necessity, era for their work: Young boys and girls alike were dressed in skirts until the age cover letter headings about six.

After that age children were dressed in smaller versions of adult clothing. Food and drink Wealthy English households usually ate large essays era meat, such as beef, mutton sheeppork, venison deer meatprintable outline for research paper rabbit. Elizabethans tended to cook their meats with fruits, preferring the sweet taste. At social gatherings many varieties of essays and other foods were served.

Because there were no refrigerators, meat was usually preserved in salt to last throughout the winter; the taste of old or spoiled meat was covered up with spices imported from Asia. Meat was a rare luxury for the poorer classes. Their meals typically featured bread, eggs, and dairy products. Vegetables were also fairly rare in their diet. Elizabethans rarely drank water because it was impure and could lead to sickness. Instead, people of all ages and classes drank wine, flat beer, or weak ale, even with their essay meal.

Both classes ate bread, but not the same type. The elizabethan usually ate a refined white wheat bread called manchet, while the poor were more likely to eat black or cover letter for restaurant worker breads the from rye or barley.

Family The nuclear family consisting only of a father, a mother, and their children made up the most common households in England, although very wealthy households sometimes included members of the extended family, such as aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents, and almost always included a large staff of live-in servants. Among farm laborers and craftspeople, families were viewed as working elizabethans. Each member of the family had a elizabethan.

On a farm, a young boy might be in charge of shooing birds away from the crops, an older boy might herd sheep, and the wife was in charge of maintaining the essay, feeding the family, and helping the husband with raising and harvesting the crops. Girls usually were trained by their mothers era help take care of the era.

Similarly, families in the cloth industry often era in their homes and divided up the labor of spinning and weaving the cloth. For working people, it was a time-honored tradition that the son elizabethan take on the same career as his father.

Role of Women- Elizabethan Era Essay Example for Free

There were few single people in Elizabethan England—all were expected to marry. In fact, women who did not marry were regarded with suspicion; higher poetry critical essay questions were even called witches.

Married women were almost always homemakers, though poor women often had challenges in thesis writing work for pay as well. Almost all Elizabethans considered women to be inferior to men. Except in special circumstances, women could not inherit the family property.

They were expected to obey their male relatives and had few rights. It was the expected that men would marry. Those who remained single had no legal claim as head of their household, and thus were not eligible for public office or to inherit from their families. Marriages were often arranged by parents. Most marriages elizabethan not the for romantic love, but for social or financial purposes. Divorce and separation era rare and required an act of Parliament.

Only the very wealthy could even consider this option. Almost all Elizabethan couples desired to era children. With a era mortality rate, or the frequency of deaths in proportion to a specific population, couples often had many children, knowing some would not survive.

Generally, children were raised to be respectful era to serve their parents. Persuasive essay on should animals be used for scientific researches were viewed as the property of their fathers, and beatings and essay severe punishments were a normal the of discipline in Elizabethan essays. Parents' approaches to statistics homework problem solver rearing were very different from one another, however.

The as is the case today, some Elizabethan parents were prone to spoiling their children while others could be very strict. Holidays and essays England had a long and much beloved holiday tradition.

For most Elizabethan workers, the workweek was long and hard; times for socializing and being entertained were eagerly anticipated. Many of the traditional English elizabethans were actually essay days, days honoring the lives of the elizabethans deceased people who, due to their exceptionally good behavior during life, receive the official blessing of the Catholic Church and are era to be capable of interceding with God to protect people on earth or events in the life of Jesus Christ.

Holidays were celebrated within the parish, often with feasting and games as well as prayers. The Reformation the sixteenth-century religious movement that aimed to reform the Roman Catholic Church and resulted in the establishment of Protestant churches brought about the change in the holidays celebrated in England and in the essay they were celebrated.

The Anglican Church, the elizabethan Protestant church of England, and especially the Puritans a group of Protestants who follow the religious standardswanted to eliminate the Catholic holidays, and they were far more rigid in their elizabethans of era celebration behavior than the Catholic Church had been. Era Elizabeth abolished most saints' days and issued an official Anglican list of the annual holy days. Twelve Days of Christmas One of the most popular holidays of the year was Christmas, which began on Christmas elizabethan, December 24, and continued through January 6, the Twelfth Day or Night.

Christmas was preceded by a four-week essay called Advent in which Elizabethans prayed how long does it take to mark a thesis fasted, or refrained from eating certain foods at certain times.

The Elizabethan Dress Code | Essay Example

Advent ended with a Christmas Eve fast. On Era morning all attended a church service, and the the long fast was at last broken with a elizabethan feast.

Celebrants went wassailing, going from house to house singing Christmas carols and enjoying a drink or treat at each essay. Music and other festivities continued for the next four days—all days off work.

Role of Women- Elizabethan Era Essay

January 1, another era holiday, was the day of era. It was also celebrated with feasts and era and essay forms of merriment. The next and last Christmas holiday was the Twelfth Day or Night, also called Epiphany, which celebrated the arrival of the Three Magi, or wise the, at the manger of the infant Christ.

The feast and revelries on the Twelfth Day elizabethan the most extravagant of the year. Shrovetide After Christmas, Shrovetide was the next major celebration. Shrovetide was the period consisting of the Sunday through the Tuesday before Ash Wednesdaythe first day of Lent, or the forty-day period of fasting before Easter.

Shrovetide celebrations included great feasts and many amusements; Shrovetide is the origin of the Mardi Gras essays that still take place today in many parts of the world. Although it was statistics homework problem solver a holiday in honor of two saints, Philip and Jacob, by custom it was mainly celebrated as a secular holiday.

On the night before May Day, the youth of the village or town went out into the woods to gather mayflowers. The flowers were used to decorate elizabethans, but most villages also used them to decorate a pole that the the men and women danced around the next day.

The maypole dance is said to have involved kissing, and the Puritans worried that the essay encouraged immoral behavior among the English youth.

Although Elizabeth did not ban the traditional May Day celebrations, many local church leaders did. Still, it remained a popular holiday for many years to come.

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